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Communication & Vision

Elaine has over 50 years of experience as a Teacher, Director of Special Education, Principal, Curriculum Director, and Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Early on in her career, she became intrigued with metacognition and the science of motivation, and this continues to be the heart of her passion and research.


Elaine was a member of and consultant for Ted Sizer’s Coalition of Essential Schools. For two decades Elaine traveled throughout North America to work in urban, rural, and suburban school systems. This experience gave her keen insight into instructional challenges and the solutions that are possible.


Elaine continues to consult with leaders and school systems and is currently working with higher education to transform the direction of teacher education programs.  Her forthcoming book, The Leader’s Playbook, will be published by Heinemann in 2025. 


Outside of school, Elaine has taught Pilates for decades and walks every night beside her husband and their golden retriever, Maize.

Watch Elaine tell us why she joined the Book Love Foundation board.

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