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About Book Love Foundation
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We believe every child in America needs access to books that will keep them turning pages, racing to the end, discovering new ideas and learning to understand the diversity in our world. We believe all children deserve books they can and will want to read and teachers that will guide them to improve as readers.

Students who are determined nonreaders become committed, passionate readers given the right books, time to read, and regular responses to their thinking. The pathway to difficult reading begins with books they enjoy. Once they're reading, together we can reach for challenging literature. Rich and rewarding reading lives are within reach for all adolescents.

However, as public libraries struggle for funding and school libraries close, today many students do not have access to books. There is only one book for every 300 kids living in poverty in the United States. We need access to books from every corner of the world and from every field of study. Students should have access to all the current award winners in literature and to wide range of genres they will read in the future. Every classroom should have hundreds of books to inspire curiosity, hope, and vision for the future.

The Book Love Foundation is dedicated to teachers who inspire a love of reading. We provide classroom libraries comprised of hundreds of books carefully chosen by the teachers to meet students where they are and lead them to the deep rewards of reading. We put those books into the hands of teachers who demonstrate a commitment to rich reading lives of all students.

What began as a belief that it's never too late to inspire a love of reading became the book, Book Love, and then the the Book Love Foundation.

Why Book Love
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Classroom libraries are critically important ... only 43% of school-aged children have access to a classroom library, and only one-third say that it has enough of the types of books they'd read.

Scholastic's Kids & Family Reading Report 2017: Finding Their Story



The Book Love Foundation seeks teachers who demonstrate a passion for promoting a hunger for books. We assist teachers in the United States and Canada with building inclusive classroom libraries to inspire and nurture a lasting love of reading.

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The Book Love Foundation provides resources that support teachers in their ongoing professional development and growth including references to reading and research material as well as online discussions with authors and educational leaders.

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