The Book Love Foundation is a 501(c)3
non-profit foundation.
100% of donations fund teacher libraries.

Book LoveBook Love is a call to arms for putting every single kid, no exceptions allowed, on a personal reading journey. But much more than that, it's a powerful reminder of why we became English teachers in the first place: our passion for books. Books matter. Stories heal. The right book in the hands of a kid can change a life forever. We can't wait for anyone else to teach our students a love of books — it's up to us and the time is now. 

Mission: To promote the love of reading among adolescents by providing classroom libraries of highly-engaging books to middle and high school English teachers.

The Book Love Foundation will seek teachers who demonstrate a commitment and passion for promoting reading for all students. The Foundation will support teachers by donating independent reading libraries of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books proven to engage adolescents. Student interest fuels engagement. Engagement builds stamina. A wide range of reading builds vocabulary and background knowledge, empathy and tolerance. Through a sustained commitment to matching individual kids to their reading interests, a teacher can see remarkable gains in stamina for reading in even the most reluctant students. We seek to reverse the epidemic of willful, practiced non-reading in adolescence. We want to create a hunger for reading by starting where students are as readers and challenging them to build a reading life of increasing depth and difficulty.